Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jimmy Boyyy

Ok....so this sketchy Jim fella that "Sheila" seems to be in love with or whatever....why couldn't she have chosen someone less sketch? Seriously, she's trying to avoid the Feds and all, yet Jim has the sketchiest alibi. He vaguely mentions that he works in computers (which gives him an excuse to go to Boston three times a week), and he was practically stalking them at the bar. I know it turns out that he's legit or whatever, because "Sheila" tells him the family secret and no one comes to take them in the middle of the night, but he's still a weird guy. The whole trying to be her father thing early on in the relationship? I know guys can be dumb, but is he seriously stupid? He's the boyfriend, not the dad, so back off buster.

Further more, with the whole trusting Jim thing, it makes me think that whatever Sandy did that was soooo terribly bad, isn't really that big of a deal. Maybe she's even making up the whole thing in her head, or maybe, something big really did happen, only she wasn't really a part of it, just planned to be and backed out the last minute but still thinks that she'll get in major trouble for it. I don't know, the whole situation just seems weird to me...there's fer sure something fishy going on.


Kels said...

I totally AGREE! Jim is a very sketchy guy and even though he might not be a Fed i think he is still pretty fishy. He is almost too nice. And he needs to back off from trying to be birdie's dad.
Good Blog :)

Justin G said...

Lolz I agree with this also. I didn't really think that Jim was a fed as much as that he was a creep. Also the whole issue of trusting Jim with the whole secret of thier past life was dumb. I am starting to think that Sandy dosn't really care if she gets caught, I think she just wants to settle down so that she can start actually living and start a family again.